Valkerzwijn Design


Always stylish, often rebellious. 

Because there's already enough of the same in this world.

Brand Identity

& Logo design 

I started designing because of my fundraising project, de1000KM. 

You'll find all the official information by clicking here.

In order to participate in this event, I raise money. 

You can help me reach my financial goals by buying my greeting cards or my cycling kits.  

View the collection and order here.



Spread The Love 

Greeting Cards de1000KM

Spread some joy and happiness this winter with these Happy Cards. 

A pack of 12 different greeting cards (with envelopes) costs 25 €.  

It is also possible to put together your own set of 4 cards (with envelopes) for 10 €. 

If you just need one card and an envelope, it's 3 €.  Obviously, you're not being very economical here ;) 


Shipping is 7 €, pick up is for free.  

Get in touch if interested :)